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index4 Several of my Boomer co-workers were having a spirited discussion today about our different likes and dislikes, memories and recollections from our youthful past, and the variety of our personal experiences. We conceded that because so many important historical, cultural, and societal events took place during our formative years, life really was different for those of us born at the beginning of “Boomerhood” (1946-50) versus those of us who came into being shortly before the British invasion in 1964. One thing we all had in common whether young, middle, or mature Boomer, was a fondness for superhero tales, and particularly reading comics about our favorites; however the favored superhero was different for each of us.

Being a child of the 50’s, I grew up with all things Superman, and to this day the “man of steel” stirs happy memories of walking to the neighborhood Rexall drug store to pick up the latest DC comic. In fact, I still really haven’t grown out of my obsession – I watch Smallville and revel in learning about the early days of my hero and his nemesis Lex Luther. My younger colleague talked of her fondness for Robin, Batman’s sidekick, who she saw as nice and not threatening as Batman might sometimes be. Still others brought up Wonder Woman, so exotic, sexy, and trailblazing for her time. For all of us, the memories of the characters, stories or episodes (depending on whether we read the comics or watched our heroes on television) were almost as vivid today as when we first encountered them.

The good news is you can still get that thrill and sense of wonder by checking out the Library’s graphic novel and comics collections. Many of your favorites are also available in the Library’s DVD and video collections. And for Boomers who want to dip into more contemporary comic masterpieces, the Library has a large collection of manga to read and anime for your viewing pleasure.

Do you have a favorite comic super hero? Do you have any special memories associated with reading their stories of daring-do? Please post a comment – we’d love to hear from you!


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  • 1. fuddyduddy  |  May 20, 2009 at 2:49 am

    Having a little trouble trying to write in my vote – Hell Boy


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