Best Blogs for Books!

September 17, 2009 at 4:01 am 2 comments

WebSocial media is so prevalent and mainstream we now have awards for such things as web sites, blogs, etc. Book lovers (and many of us Boomers are book lovers) are fortunate that not only are there countless blogs devoted to books and reading, but there is now also a Book Blogger Appreciation Week! This event (September 14 – 18, 2009) is held to spotlight and celebrate the work of active book bloggers through guest posts, awards, giveaways, and community activities.

One of the best things about the “event” is learning about the nominations and awards for best book blogs. If you love books and take pleasure reading about them, and/or you would enjoy participating in an on-line community with other like-minded individuals, check out the extensive list of nominees. There is an amazing variety of categories – for example, Best Book Club Blog, Best Book Community/Cataloging Site, Most Chatty Blog, Best Thriller/Mystery/Suspense Blog, Best Name, Best History/Historical Fiction Blog, Best General Review Blog, and many others. There are categories for young people as well – Best YA (Young Adult) Books Blog and Best KidLit Blog – if, on occasion, you like impressing your children with how cool you are, or you’re a closet Twilight fan. It would take me days to search out this kind of information so I am thankful that Amy Riley, author of the blog, My Friend Amy has collated this great list of resources.

Don’t be passive about your book passion. Bloggers want to hear from you and wecome your input. You don’t have to use your name – it’s easy to post to any of these blogs using an adopted screen name. Please do post a comment below on our blog or visit one of the many blogs nominated and comment there. Voting has closed for this year but come next September you can participate and suggest favorites of your own!


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