Interview with Cliff Numark

Numark_Small(1)Get to know your local City officials!

Torrance City Council Member Cliff Numark speaks with Rachel Bieber, Audiovisual Librarian, about his life, his career development, and his current position as Director of Donor Recruitment at the American Red Cross.

In this interview, Mr. Numark emphasizes that “Volunteers can do absolutely amazing things!” Learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Library and locally in the South Bay.

A fascinating inside look at the inner workings of a large nonprofit, and an in-depth profile of one of our newest Council persons!

Interview with Helen Ball – Friends of the Torrance Library

TPL 2Listen to an interview with Helen Ball, President of the Friends of the Torrance Library. Most public libraries have Friends or similar support groups. These nonprofit organizations play a critical role in fundraising for library collections, programs, and new library services.

In this interview, hear about how our local Friends group gets donations, the programs they support, and the different volunteer opportunities available.

You can support the Friends of the Torrance Library by:

  • becoming a member
  • volunteering your time
  • donating books
  • purchasing books at a book sale or from the ongoing display at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library

Disaster Preparedness in Torrance

In California, many of us are aware of the almost certain likelihood of a large-scale earthquake. There are many other disasters that may also affect us, however, including epidemic viruses, fires, and more. While all of the potentially frightening possibilities may paralyze us in fear, the most important action we can take is to learn more and be prepared.

The City of Torrance held a Disaster Preparedness fair in October 2009 with just this goal in mind. In this podcast, Rachel Bieber, Reference Librarian, interviews Kristin Matsuda on the role of the Torrance Disaster Council, Peggy Kramer from Earthquake Disaster Kit Sales (EDKS) on kits and supplies, and Paul Vuoso and Paul Solorzano, respectively from the Torrance Fire and Police Departments for helpful tips.

All of the speakers reiterate do not panic! Other tips include:

1) Duck, cover, and hold.
2) Be prepared. Plan on being self-sufficient for at least three days before help arrives.
3) Start with small changes that will impact you and your family.

Tune in to learn more.

For more information, take a look at the Torrance City disaster preparedness page.

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